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How much does a bottle of water really cost

Life around already knew the difference between tap water, bottled and filtered water. In the new issue of the section "Primes" we decided to find out how much the water in the bottle actually costs and what margin the producer, supermarkets and restaurants do.

Cost of water in a bottle

from 13 rubles

Extra charge in supermarket chains

30-55 %

Markup in high price segment stores

80-155 %

Extra charge in restaurants

50-500 %

What determines the price of the manufacturer

Semen Sevostyanov

representative of the brand "Kalinov Rodnik"

"People are mistaken when they consider the cost of a bottle of water as the price of a preform (the plastic flask from which the bottle is made), lids, labels. In this case, with millions of runs per year, the cost of one half-liter bottle of artesian water can be 1.5-2 rubles But this is absolutely not the case. The cost of a bottle of water includes the cost of depreciation of equipment for bottling water and its preparation; the cost of personnel involved in the control of bottling; the cost of a laboratory that monitors the quality of the product and the well ; Logistics that delivers the product from the factory to the seller’s warehouse (this item can reach 30-40% of the cost of the product). The cost of marketing support for the product is also put in the price. For well-known brands, this margin is 10-30%.

Based on these indicators, the cost of quality artesian still water of 0.5 liters is at least 13 rubles. If you do not include in the price the costs of the quality of water treatment, then its cost will be several times lower. At the same time, the consumer should think about what the mixture is in a cheap bottle on a store shelf.

There are many nuances in the pricing policy of large supermarket chains: the margin can vary from 30 to 55%. Shops of a high price segment can also make a 150 percent mark-up. The volume of deliveries affects the shipping price for networks: if a network buys a million units a month, it has the right to ask for one price, a point of sale selling thousands of bottles a month for another. Many consumers are offended when they see the same brand of water at different prices in a large supermarket and ordinary store. But these are simple laws of economics.

Water in restaurants is one of the most marginal products on the menu, so the margin can reach 300-500%. The same bottle of water can cost 100 and 450 rubles in the restaurant menu. Although the purchase price is the same - 45 rubles. Here again, not everything is clear: someone buys water directly from the manufacturer, and someone from the distributor, who does his mark-up. "

What restaurateurs say

Leonid Litvin

Territorial Manager of the RestoBufet Resto-Market Network

"In our network of restoratives, the price of water is formed on the basis of the average mark-up for the cost of water - twice as standard. But with the final formation of the price tag, we always compare the prices of water in neighboring establishments and make the cost lower."

Heinrich Karpin

co-owner of il FORNO Group Restaurant Holding

“All restaurateurs try to make money on water, as well as other high-margin drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks). In this way, we compensate for the costs and allow ourselves to make a low mark-up on dishes with a high cost. So we balance between low and high mark-up, covering all costs renting premises, staff salaries and purchasing products. "

Yuri Yarmolyuk

Chef-bartender of the restaurant "45 ° / 60 °"

“The price of a bottle of water that a guest sees in a restaurant is made up of its cost, the cost of renting a restaurant, salaries, utility bills. Our restaurant has imported water, so, among other things, the exchange rate and customs duty play an important role and delivery. The cost of imported water, of course, is also more expensive than that produced in Russia. Therefore, given all these facts, the cost of water in a restaurant is always at least twice as expensive as in the purchase. "

Alexander Gritsay

brand chef and co-founder of the restaurant chain "Predator. Steaks & Burgers"

“The mark-up for water (as well as for any other menu item) depends largely on how the restaurant positions itself: the price for the same water can fundamentally differ in a democratic place and in a premium restaurant. Conditions are also very important, according to which the institution works with suppliers: the depth of the discount or its complete absence affects the final price in the institution.

And of course, a large percentage of mark-ups is occupied by the expense item of the restaurant itself: rental of premises, staff wages, electricity and so on. How to reduce the price at a loss to the restaurant? For example, you can create a self-service system. We went on just such a principle. "

Sergey Krylov

co-owner of Zotman & Co

“In general, the water and restaurant sector of the capital is a rather urgent and controversial problem. You can see the same bottle of water brought from the same source at very different prices. Why? Because a lot depends on the water markup, sometimes it exceeds 80% of the cost. The reasons are different: from the prices of suppliers with which this or that restaurant cooperates to (we will be realistic) the cost of rent, the level of salaries of employees and other corporate features.

But it is worth saying that no one can refuse you in a glass of water. We are just practicing such an experience. Therefore, the choice is yours - to drink water for fabulous money, for a reasonable amount, or completely free. "

Watch the video: The Story of Bottled Water (November 2019).

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