Apartment of the week (Moscow)

Master: Arthur is engaged in international relations, Zara is a housewife, their daughter Adella
Rooms: 3Metric area: 125 sqm mThe ceilings: 3.8 m

Arthur and Zara bought an apartment on Tverskaya Street immediately after the wedding. There were many requirements for future housing: the location in the center, in the old house, so that it was possible to restore the brick of pre-revolutionary masonry, and a large footage. Only after 15 scanned apartments found a suitable one. True, the repair took a whole year: a large-scale redevelopment was made in the room, since a third of the apartment was occupied by corridors. As a result, the number of rooms remained the same, but one space now combines three zones at once - a dining room, a living room and a bedroom.

The project of the future home was developed by architect and designer Timur Kolchin, but the owners selected the furniture and details themselves. Most were made to order or brought from Italy.

At first they wanted to make one of the walls in the bedroom a contrast, but then they abandoned the bright blue color and painted the wall in a warm gray shade.

Bed - Alivar. A wedding photograph hanging over the bed was taken on the Promenade des Anglais in St. Petersburg at 5 a.m. Photographer - Maxim Garibaldi

Curtains sewed to order.

The cabinet, after several years of married life, became a nursery. Here you can not do redevelopment, since all the walls are load-bearing, so the space was visually expanded using lighting.

All furniture except the sofa and shelves is BoConcept.

The picture was bought in Germany.

Arthur asked the designer to think about a spot lighting system. Lamps - Guzzini.

Plumbing - Duravit.

The owners planned to equip a bedroom for themselves here - in a combined space with a retractable wall. But the idea was not too practical, so guests usually stay here.

Bed ordered in Italy.

All cabinets in the apartment ordered in Mr. Doors, but the owners were dissatisfied with the quality of work.

TV and Audio Stand - BoConcept.

The sofa was also brought from Italy. The painting by Dmitry Gutov was bought at the Gelman Gallery. Picture in the bedroom - Gor Chahal.

A couch and a glass table were found in a book about the legendary interior objects - Alivar.

Chairs and table - BoConcept.

Lamps - Axolight.

Puffs, they are also a repository of bindery magazines, Arthur saw in Esquire and ordered a similar one in Germany.

On the brick wall of 1906 in the living room, cleaned of layers of wallpaper and paint, the names and prints of the hands of the workers are preserved.

Watch the video: Moscow Week 13 - Apartment Tour Finally! (November 2019).

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