Set: What to wear for a winter run

Running in the cold season requires more effort and preparation, but brings no less pleasure and benefit. Winter jogging implies thoughtful equipment and reliable protection against frosts, which has long ceased to be a problem: modern technological materials that manufacturers use for the manufacture of winter sports things do not allow to freeze even in serious colds, and a variety of colors and styles allows you to choose a kit for every taste .

Special attention should be paid to the choice of thermal underwear and accessories: fleece scarves and balaclava will protect from the wind, and woolen socks will warm your legs in lightweight sneakers.

Life around went through the Moscow stores and collected a male and female set of suitable things, and at the same time turned for advice to someone who knows everything about winter runs.

Ksenia Afanasyeva Editor-in-Chief

The love of winter running begins with the right equipment. When your fingers stiffen and your feet get wet, there can be no talk of any love.

Your wardrobe should be replenished with lightweight technological things that remove moisture from the body, do not get wet under the snow and protect from the wind. Start by choosing thermal underwear for active sports - it is better to go to the ski and tourist equipment stores for such sets. Next, we search the list: a running jacket, leggings or trousers for running, a synthetic jacket with a long sleeve (worn as an additional layer between thermal underwear and a jacket), gloves. The jacket should be light, windproof, long enough to cover the lower back. Other features of a good jacket are an adjustable hood, a high neck and comfortable pockets for a phone, keys and handkerchiefs. You can spend money on a jacket, save money on the rest: it is difficult to miss with leggings or a hat - take what you like. A separate discussion deserves the choice of winter sneakers and sneakers in general. It may take more than one season to find the perfect couple. Start looking for yours among running shoes made of water-repellent materials, the sole of which is equipped with a good tread or even spikes.

Prefer clothing and shoes with reflective elements to be visible on roadsides and pedestrian crossings. In winter, the days are shorter, and you often have to run in the dark.

Do not dress too warm, otherwise you will quickly sweat, cool, freeze and catch a cold.

Try to warm up the room and go jogging warm, and at the end of the workout, immediately return to heat to change into dry clothes and stretch. Avoid situations where you have to cool outside.

Plan your first winter run in such a way as to always be able to quickly return home

Plan your first winter runs in such a way as to always be able to quickly return home: you will need time to calibrate your equipment and learn how to dress according to the weather. Someone even in severe frosts puts on a running jacket over thin thermal underwear, others wear a fleece jacket as an additional layer. While you are exploring the limits of your frost resistance, it is better to stay closer to home to change clothes on time.

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Photos: Egor Vasiliev

Watch the video: Test set Gore Running Wear X-RUN ULTRA - Winter 2012-2013 (November 2019).

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