Euro 2016 for beginners: What you need to know and who to root for?

On Friday, June 10, the match between France and Romania opens the next European Football Championship, in which 24 teams will play gold medals among themselves. For those who infrequently follow football, but want to quickly get on track, Life around talks about the main facts, figures and the most interesting teams of Euro 2016.


Ilya Inozemtsev

What to remember
about the past of the Euro?

The main intrigues
Euro 2016

Who exactly do you need to know?

Who to root for?

What you need to remember about the past of the Euro?

Championship took Poland and Ukraine

It's hard to believe, but four years ago in Ukraine it was relatively calm, and in Kiev even the finale was played. Russia, however, played only in Poland, and then there were some hassles.

Spain defeated Italy in the final

Four years ago, the Spaniards became champions for the second time in a row, not meeting much resistance from the Italians. The main striker of the Italian team was then an entertaining character Mario Balotelli, which is now clearly not heard.

Russia ingloriously flew out

In the first two matches we defeated the Czechs and kept a draw with Poland, but in the third match we lost to the completely dull Greeks and did not leave the group.

Alan Dzagoev scored the most goals ...

... along with the Croatian Manjukic, German Gomez, Portuguese Ronaldo, Italian Balotelli and Spaniard Torres. The latter also received the award of the best scorer in connection with the victory of Spain.

The main intrigues of Euro 2016

France must win for history

The home championship and the tense situation surrounding the shooting at the editorial board of “Charlie Ebdo” and the terrorist attack in November 2015 ... The French team is obliged to win this tournament, just to somehow inspire and unite the nation.

Sweeping football authorities

The entire top of the football community last year was ousted by the Swiss police on suspicion of financial fraud. The European Football Association operates with interim president Villar. Therefore, the current championship will be decisive for the leadership.

The first extended championship

For Euro 2016, 24 national teams will immediately play for the first time instead of the previous 16. Thanks to this innovation, exotic countries by European standards got into the championship, such as Albania, Northern Ireland and Iceland. In the ⅛ finals, even third places of the groups will play, which has not happened before.

The wonders of naturalization. Now in Russia

The Russian team, previously not seen in the import of foreign talents, travels to France with two foreign players at once: goalkeeper Guillerme and German Roman Neustedter, which no one knew about. It is worth recalling that in 2001 Oleg Romantsev almost naturalized Cameroonian Tchuis. That would be really cool.

Who exactly needs to know

Cristiano Ronaldo

The best football player in Europe, who is involved in an extramural dispute with the best football player in the world, Lionel Messi, won another Champions League this year. At the same time, with Portugal, Ronaldo can’t get any title for the national team.

Alexander Kokorin

The highest paid Russian football player who pisses off the entire football community with his photos with the next Gelendvagen, private jet and other signs of overpayment. Goals scored a bit.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

An amazing person who won champion titles with every foreign club where he played, but he never won the main European tournament, the Champions League. One of the most technical football players on the planet, and this despite the almost two-meter growth. Is in search of a new club.

Gareth Bale

Unofficially, the most expensive player on the planet born in a non-football country is Wales. He runs like a horse, and also hides a bald horse with a ponytail.

Eden Hazard

Potentially, Azar has all the abilities to become the best footballer in the world, but last season he turned out very badly, almost flying out with Chelsea to the first division. Although even in this season he managed to score a goal that decided the fate of the champion title.

Who to root for


Option for patriots

The Russian team is approaching the championship with a number of offensive injuries (the country's best defensive midfielder Denisov and the main motor of the Dzagoev team), and her composition is already rather weak. And yet, despite all the shortcomings, there are reasons to expect that this particular team is able to surprise.


Leonid Slutsky

One of the most enjoyable coaches in the history of Russian football is an intellectual, a theatergoer, an amateur who sways in a chair. Only suspicious matches in Wings of the Soviets cast a shadow on his reputation.


Fedor Smolov

After the divorce, the ex-husband of the swollen star Victoria Lopyreva turned from an object of ridicule with shameful statistics (six goals in three years in adult football) into the country's best striker.


Sergey Ignashevich

The eternally young pillar of Russian defense with a powerful blow and the recently erupted ability to make a chic radio-controlled long pass. Ignashevich is the only one who was part of the team back in 2002.

A dark horse

Alexander Golovin

The only young player in the lineup and suddenly the main hope for thought in the attack. A couple of months ago, no one knew about him except CSKA fans.


Denis Cheryshev

The only cool Russian legionnaire broke long before the announcement of the application, but hopes for him were great. Still Cheryshev played for the winner of the Champions League - “Real”.


Option for those who do not want to worry

The Blues must win, as we said above. It is unlikely that in favor of the French there will be not only native tribunes and star cast, but also referees. In general, if you want to go with the flow, then you need to support them.


Didier Deschamps

The captain of the winning team of the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 has always been a stern franc with a heavy jaw and no less heavy disposition. Wherever Deschamps coached, strict discipline and conflict are everywhere. The team also could not do without this.


Paul Pogba

Juventus' s midfielder attacking midfielder, who was once short-sightedly abandoned by Manchester United, returned the Italian team a gloss of former greatness and outstripped the striker Antoine Griezmann in popularity, despite the fact that the latter played in the Champions League final and was just a pretty handsome man.


Patrice Evra

One of the most unpleasant characters in world sports at the age of 35 continues to close one of the most energy-consuming positions - extreme runner-back.

A dark horse

Andre-Pierre Gignac

Once the Toulouse ram, and now the main striking force of the Mexican Tigres, about which experts really do not know anything, was squeezed into the composition, despite the fact that there are players and abruptly.

Did not go

Karim Benzema

Among a whole galaxy of excellent players, Karim stands apart. Forward Madrid “Real Madrid" fell out of favor with the head coach in connection with the dark case of blackmailing team-mate Mathieu Valbuena intimate video. Recently, I began to say that this is racism.


Option for boring

The current world champion. A team that has been steadily reaching at least the semi-finals of major competitions since 2006. Team, where they established a cyclic and painless change of generations. But this is so boring.


Joachim Loew

Since 2008, the Bundesmannschaft coach has been avoiding conflicts, even when he unhooks great players and continues to take on his favorite Lukas Podolski. At the same time, he clearly knows his job, it is not in vain that with him the German team turned into a cold-blooded rink.


Mesut Özil

A man whose passes are as beautiful as a summer night’s dream after the victory of the Russian team. There is an opinion that Ozil dissolves in space during big matches, but where are these experts and where is their world champion medal?


Bastian Schweinsteiger

A midfielder who missed most of the season at his new Manchester United club, but joined the German team as a good luck mascot.

A dark horse

Leroy Sane

The young Schalke midfielder, who is already talked about at every corner, but only the Euro will show his true price. Rumor has it that he wants to pick up, including the St. Petersburg “Zenith” (thanks to connections with Roman Neustedter).

Did not go

Marco royce

One of the most tragic stories of our time is a loyal Dortmund Borussia (from where Bavaria buys everyone) is a backbone player who misses the second consecutive important tournament of the German national team due to injury.


Option for fashionistas

For four years now the national team has been promising. It seems a little more, and they will become the best in the world. Among the players there are only stars, and in the absence of Holland, the Belgians are the main nonconformists of Europe.


Mark Wilmots

Having scored against the Russian team at the 2002 World Cup, Wilmots is often criticized at home, because he adheres to pragmatic tactics, having the best attacking players in the world. But it was with him that the golden generation of Belgian football players began to win.


Eden Hazard

See above.


Raja Nainggolan

A fierce-looking midfielder with Indonesian roots against the background of other runners looks like a man ready to kill. Yes, Belgians have enough tough players (Witsel, Fellaini), but it is Raja who is the embodiment of old-school football madness.

A dark horse

Divok Oriji

A huge 22-year-old striker who drove the first nail into the coffin of our team at the last World Cup. Last year, he became the worst footballer in the French championship, and this year he woke up at the end of the season and began to grope for something.

Did not go

Vincent Company

The stable leader of the Belgian defense in recent years has been suffering from injuries, one of which did not allow him to go to the French championship.


Option for those who like hotter

The English are nice to watch, but in the quarter finals they will surely fly out in the penalty shootout anyway. England goes to Euro 2016 with one of the youngest teams, and therefore we should expect drama, unexpectedly attacking football and a minimum of protection.


Roy Hodgson

An easygoing wise old man whose emotions are always on the surface. He is known as a specialist who makes candy out of mediocrity, but his very first experience in a big English club (Liverpool) turned out to be a failure. Although she likes to joke on the brink. This is valuable.


Wayne Rooney

Days pass, years fly by, Wayne Rooney transfers hair to the crown, but continues to be the main football player in England. Nobody has any hopes for him, as in 2004. Once again he spent the season unevenly. But it can still do the incredible at the decisive moment.


James milner

The midfielder of “Liverpool” six years ago went to the World Cup in South Africa in the rank of the best young player in England. Since then, much has changed, and Milner has become the most versatile English footballer who, perhaps, lacks technology, but he pays for it with space hard work.

A dark horse

Jack wilsher

The Arsenal player missed the whole season, failing with an injury, but he is going to the championship as the main player - so Hodgson hopes for him. Wilsher is only 24, but he was paid advances three to four years ago. And they are still waiting for cash out.

Did not go

Daniel Drinkwater

In the championship lineup of the main sensation of the European season, “Leicester” Drinkwater - one of the few Englishmen who really claimed to go to the Euro. As a result, Daniel did not become the person with the coolest name on the Euro.


Option for romantics

The island nation for the first time broke into a major football tournament and this immediately won the hearts of fans across Europe. Three quarters of the Icelanders are unknown players, but there are also some iconic football players.


Lars Lagerbek

The ex-coach of the Swedish national team (among other things, contributed to the growth of Zlatan Ibrahimovic) is most like a sullen elderly physical education teacher. In 2010, for some reason, he coached the Nigeria national team, and with Iceland I thought to calmly retire. It did not work out: Iceland on the Euro, and this is stress.


Gilfi Sigurdsson

The main Icelandic footballer. Located in his club (Welsh “Swansea”) in the rank of leading player. In the English championship, he is simply adored for his ability to work, however, in a large club (even if it was Tottenham Hotspur), it did not work out.


Eidur Gudjohnsen

The 37-year-old striker, whom fans still remember at the origins of Chelsea Abramovich, or even earlier. A man of amazing fate: he played for Barcelona, ​​Monaco, traveled to China to complete his career, but then moved to the Norwegian Molde and gained a third (fourth?) Youth. Rides as a national team leader.

A dark horse

Alvred Finnbogason

The Icelander who shot at Heerenveen was one of the tidbits on the transfer market in 2014, but failed in the Spanish Real Sociedad. Now he plays in the German middle peasant “Augsburg”, and the statistics are not improving.

Did not go

Solvi Ottesen

The defender gathering dust in the Urals was in the team in the status of the strangest Icelandic export, since he now plays in the Chinese Jiangsu Sunin.


Option for conservatives

The current European champions since 2008, the team without obvious weaknesses, whose leaders, however, have grown old, and the tiki school is gradually losing its influence. Despite the difficulties, Spain is still a formidable force and may well give a surprise - both positive and negative.


Vicente del Bosque

Mr. Potato has won everything in his life that he can. But he is kept in the team even without motivation: after all, not every football coach gets the title of Marquis.


David de Gea

For once (since 2002), Spain is going to a big tournament with a new main goalkeeper. The place of handsome Casillas was taken by the young, but already seen a lot in the “Manchester United” de Gea. Of the oddities - once caught a theft of a donut from a supermarket.


Andres Iniesta

Judging by the hairstyle, the veteran who had not escaped a demon in a rib long ago wrote his name in history, but more importantly, unlike his friend Javi, he refrained from playing for money in a dubious club.

A dark horse

Aritz Aduris

The oldest player in the national team, who had not played in it until the last year, spent a busy season - put the “three rubles” to “Barcelona”, scored “Eibaru” through himself - and now he is traveling in the status of the main striker.

Did not go

Diego Costa

Not a player, but rather a spit in the face of the current football world. Kostya cannot be forgiven for his constant simulations, stealth pokes and other provocations, but he really scores a lot. He did not go to Euro 2016 due to unsatisfactory form.


Rebel Option

They did not begin to take the Ukrainian team away from Russia in the net, so theoretically, our team could face Ukraine in the ⅛ final. Tense political relations between neighbors have practically no effect on popular sentiment, judging by the distribution of votes at Eurovision (which has always been a true indicator).


Mikhail Fomenko

The once-titled player has a couple of dark spots in his coaching career: the Guinean team and the Baghdad club “Rashid”. In general, fate threw him steeper than Artyom Milevsky.


Evgeny Konoplyanka

Unexpectedly for many, Konoplyanka is now the main legionnaire of the entire post-Soviet space. “Seville”, albeit without his help, became the winner of the second-largest European tournament - the Europa League.


Anatoly Timoshchuk

Favorite player of St. Petersburg fans and master of incomprehensible jokes now chases the ball with Andrei Arshavin in Kazakhstan, just like in the good old days. He appears less and less on the field, but this is not the main thing.

A dark horse

Alexander Zinchenko

Zinchenko plays in Ufa, which escaped relegation in the last round (and where the country's best black legionnaire plays), but Manchester City, one of the leaders of the English Premier League, living off of an Arab money bag, wants to sign it. And Zinchenko is only 19 years old.

Did not go

Roman Neustedter

The Ukrainian team has a lot of talents, but it was Roman who broke the media space, having received a Russian passport as a result of naturalization. He was immediately reminded of the oath to Ukraine and other warm words, and later the word "padded jacket" was also used to address Neustedter.


Option for masochists

According to bookmakers, Albanians have the smallest chance of winning the Euro. However, about the same thing was said about Greece in 2004. And how did it end?


Gianni De Biazi

“I could never imagine what would bring me to this country,” said the Italian coach, who had never grabbed the stars from the sky, but once relegated the Spanish “Levante” to the lower division. True, in Albania everything turned out well with him, and now they look at him as the savior of the nation.


Elseid Husay

The most expensive member of the team, the midfielder of “Napoli”, where the best years of his career spent Maradona. He could play for Italy, but refused in favor of Albania. However, he is not alone in his decision.


Lorik Tsana

Kosovar, who left for football as early as 16 years old, when he was nearly taken by Arsenal, but was writing off the guy because of visa problems. Now Tsana plays in “Nantes”, and his European career is quite successful - several glorious years in “Lazio” are evidence of this.

A dark horse

Taulent Jaka

An amazing, albeit not uncommon, event for football: Jackie's brother Granit will play for the Swiss national team. Since both countries fell into one group, then expect fraternal confrontation.

Did not go

There's no such thing

In Albania, every prominent player is worth its weight in gold, leading players did without injuries, and no one was seen in conflicts with the Italian coach. Hot heads, however, are in the lineup - Ladyian Memushai once kicked a microphone during a goal celebration, for which he was promptly removed.


Option for fun

Victories in extra time, flying boots and drafts barely on the football field - the Turkish team is sheer madness. It is possible that this year none of this awaits us, but what difference does it make.


Fatih Terim

He is called the "Emperor", and that’s it. Terim managed to train the Italian “Fiorentina” and “Milan”, but returned to the national team to restore its former glory.


Arda Turan

A man who has not played for six months because of the bureaucracy (Barcelona was banned from registering new players, but after purchasing it), the owner of incredible charisma and a well-aimed sight.


Burak Yılmaz

Forward, at one time gathering in the “Locomotive”, which even knows Ivan Dorn. Is this not the main thing in life?

A dark horse

Caner Erkin

Arriving to conquer Russia by playing CSKA, the young Turk grew up and went home to tear his opponent’s flanks. The years were forgotten when Yuri Zhirkov squeezed him out of the squad, and the Brazilian Zico trained the army. Erkin is now just a killing machine.

Did not go

Volkan Demirel

Another inadequate player in the position that least of all has this. Volkan is a goalkeeper, but when you look at his tricks, you somehow immediately want to forget about it.

Photos: cover - UEFA EURO 2016, 1 - 53 - UEFA

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