Non / fiction fair, Skriptonite concert and Artdocfest

Non / fiction Intellectual Literature Fair

When: November 30 - December 4

Where: Central House of Artists

How many: is free


The main book fair of the city is held for the 18th time. This year Britain became an honorary guest of non / fiction: for example, performances of eminent British authors Julian Barnes and Jonathan Coe are scheduled for Saturday. Barnes will talk about his latest novel, The Noise of Time, in an open interview with Yuri Saprykin, while Coe will give a lecture on the mysterious writer B. S. Johnson and discuss with the writer of The House of Cards Andrew Davis about political satire. Also, their new books will be presented by Alexey Ivanov, Lev Rubinstein, Olga Sedakova and many others. And about the rarest news that can be found only on non / fiction, read the guide Lisa Birger.

Conference of the Fashion Theory magazine on fashion and humor

The first Russian magazine, seriously considering fashion as one of the phenomena of culture, will celebrate its 10th anniversary with an international conference on fashion and humor. Russian and foreign experts, including Susan Vincent, Jenna Rossi-Camus and Linor Goralik, will talk about how ironic about fashion in different societies and how the fashion industry itself uses irony.

When: December 2, from 10:00 to 18:00

Where: New Space Theater of Nations

How many: free registration


Rodnya Meets Winter Party

The traditional Rodnya Club Season Opening Festival begins on Friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon. More than 20 musicians will perform on three stages: a full line-up has not yet been announced, but it is already known that among others there will be techno masters Mike Shannon and Nikita Zabelin.

When:December 2-4

Where: Rodnya

How many:1,000 rubles in one day, 1,500 for the whole weekend



The largest documentary film festival in Russia opened with the German painting "Pavlensky: Man and Power" about the most famous Russian artist-actionist; the second session is scheduled for Friday evening. Notable films of the contest, whose screenings hit the weekend, are “Exemption: Instructions for Use” (about the provincial neuropsychiatric boarding school) and “Chronicles of the Non-Revolving Revolution” (about truckers protesting). Still worth paying attention to the program "War and Peace", devoted to the situation in Ukraine, especially on the tape of the president of "Artdocfest" Vitaly Mansky "Native", showing how the war splits a large family.

When: December 1-9

Where: Cinema "Karo 11 October"

How many: 150-350 rubles


Performance of Brusnikin’s Workshop "ELEPHANT"

The workshop of Dmitry Brusnikin, the beloved young troupe of Muscovites who works in almost every conceivable area of ​​the modern theater, released “Elephant” more than a year ago, but has rarely played it since: the last show took place in March 2016 at the existing construction site ( setting each time changes the location). “ELEPHANT” stands for “Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp”: director Andrei Stadnikov conceived a project about repressions in the USSR, but the resulting collage of Soviet plays and Western films speaks more about the phenomenon of unfreedom in general than about a specific historical period.

When: December 2, 3 and 4 at 15:00

Where: space B.E.R.E.G. DISTRICT

How many: 2 000 rubles


Party "Daydream よ り 多 く の 愛"

The Wichaut association launches a new series of parties under the infantile name "Dreams" - according to the creators, it is devoted, as is now customary to say, to music and images of the future. Participants of the past parties of the team and other relevant for Moscow 20-year-old musicians are going to play: IC3Peak, WPCWE, Love Cult, Unworldly and Summer of Haze. The trailer for the party can be seen here.

When: December 2, from 23:00

Where: Crystal factory

How many: is free


Scriptonite Concert

A rapper born in Kazakhstan from the Gazgolder label recently tweeted: "Everything that you just thought up and believe in, complete nonsense, there will be no surprises." It is unclear whether this refers to his second album "Hotel Everest", the release date of which has been postponed several times, but it is known for sure that on the album of Jillzay, which was released in the autumn, half of the tracks were recorded with the direct participation of Scryptonite. And yet, tickets to the dance floor for his recital are about to end.

When: December 3, 20:00

Where: Yotaspace

How many: from 3 000 rubles


Human Tetris Concert

A good Moscow band playing melodic and laconic postpunk, after several years of break, releases a new album, "River Pt.1". Other details, including the “updated line-up,” are not reported - there is only the song “Last Forever”, which sounds no worse than the previous ones. Opening act - Magnetic Poetry with DJ set.

When: December 3, 20:00

Where: Ypsilon

How many: from 400 rubles


Gesaffelstein performance

The Space technoclub celebrates its third anniversary with the re-arrival of the French electronics engineer Gezaffelstein, known for his cold uncompromising sound, as if not quite a French spill. Judging by the number of Facebook party tagged on the page, in Space this weekend you will be able to meet every second of his familiar techno lovers. Supporting the import producer is our Nikita Zabelin and Timur Omar.

When: December 3, from 22:00

Where: Space Moscow

How many: from 1,100 rubles


Concert "Aquarium"

When: December 3, 19:00

Where: "Crocus City Hall"

How many: from 2 000 rubles


A new series of concerts by Boris Grebenshchikov with the band is called Symphonia and is notable for the fact that a veteran of Russian rock is about to go on stage with a symphony orchestra, and not only the classics of the Aquarium and the last solo things will be played, but also instrumental pieces specially created for the orchestra. Judging by the latest recordings and ongoing concert activity (including in the underpasses and on city squares in the province), Grebenshchikov is now in his best shape, so fans are not advised to skip.

Arzamas Lecture "Chinese Religions: From Speaking Foxes to Chairman Mao's Temples"

The weekly lecture hall of the Arzamas project and the Russian State Library continues. Orientalist Konstantin Tertitsky will talk about the unique religious situation in China, its origins and prospects. Unlike Europe and the Middle East, China has never had a dominant creed: Confucianism primarily regulates the ethical and political sphere and is little interested in the intangible world. This led to enormous religious diversity, which will be discussed in the lecture.

When: December 4 at 16:00

Where: Russian State Library

How many: is free


Text: Anton Khitrov, Nastya Kurgan, Nikita Velichko

Images: cover - "Magic Mountain" / "Ethnographic and Geographic Research Foundation" / EGOMEDIA, 1 - Publishing House "Foreigner", 2 - press service archive

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