Not always princesses: Children's books that break down gender stereotypes

Not only in children's clothing stores, everything is clearly divided into pink and blue - gender stereotypes can also be found in bookstores. As a gift, the girl decided to buy books about princesses, fairies and ponies, the boy - about superheroes, equipment and knights. Therefore, especially around March 8, Life around made a selection of books in which the main characters are young naturalists, writers, programmers and future scientists.

Andrea Beti. "Ada Twist, the experimenter"

Career Press, 2017

Age: 3+

A funny story in poems about the curious why-thing Ada Twist. She is interested in everything: why does hair grow in the nose, and does a cat's tail look like sausage and why does the clock go though it does? Once, having felt an unpleasant smell, Ada decided at all costs to find its source, and the whole family was drawn into the process. A good book on why it is important to ask questions and look for answers to them (and of course, about the girl, the future doctor of science).

Tip: This author has two more books - “Rosa Rivera, an Engineer” and “Hector-Architect”.

Mara Dal Corso. "Amelia, who knew how to fly"

Polyandria, 2016

Age: 6+

“I have a special notebook. I paste in there photographs of women who have performed various deeds. Someday I will also be among them,” thinks ten-year-old Amelia. She raves about flights, so her uncle even made something like a launcher on the roof of the barn - and Amelia flew for the first time. This book is a concise childhood story about Amelia Earhart, who became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone.

Tip: You can simultaneously study the biography of Earhart - it is so interesting that even the dry information on Wikipedia is read as a fascinating book.

Brigitte Mine. "Fairy Mom and Rosemary"

Nigma, 2018

Age: 6+

Rosemary is a little fairy who does not want to be her, because fairies should always look neat, not drop crumbs on a dress and not squish when they drink tea. Skating is also impossible - you can break your nose! Rosemary wants to be a witch: they indulge, laugh out loud and are not afraid to get dirty. But the fairy mother is against: her daughter must be beautiful and neat, and therefore the girl alone goes to live in the Witch Forest. In the end, parental love wins, and mother resigns herself to her daughter's desires and her right to be different.

Tip: Pay attention to the illustrations of the Belgian artist Karl Knot - this is the first book in Russia with his works.

Joris Chamblain, Aureli Neira. "Cherry Diaries. Stone Zoo"

"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber", 2018

Age: 6-7 +

Cherry is ten years old, and she wants to become a writer, because she loves to compose and invent. The girl believes that every person has a secret, and she wants to uncover the secrets of people. The case is presented: once she sees a strange person, smeared with paint, and decides to watch him. From this moment, her book begins, and along with the investigation, the ending of which will be truly amazing, and not only for children, but also for adults. This beautiful book with an intriguing plot will be a good gift for children who love to solve puzzles.

Tip: After the "Stone Zoo" came out "Mysterious Book" and "The Last of Five Treasures"; pre-order for the fourth volume of comics - "Goddess without a face."

Lori Wallmark. "Ada Byron Lovelace - First Programmer"

Walking to History, 2017

Age: 6+

This is an illustrated life story of Ada Lovelace, the world's first programmer. Ada was born at the beginning of the 19th century, her father was the English poet Lord Byron, and her mother was called the “Queen of Parallelograms” because of her passion for mathematics. The mother supported her daughter's love of numbers and hired teachers for serious studies. A little later, Ada met with mathematician Charles Bebbage and wrote an algorithm for his analytical machine (which was never built), and in fact - the world's first computer program.

Tip: As in the case of Earhart, you can get acquainted with the fate of Lovelace in more detail - this is a fascinating story.

Grace Lin. "Where the mountain speaks to the moon"

Pink Giraffe, 2017

Age: 9+

In a poor village near the Barren Mountain lives a little girl Minli with her parents. The family is working hard, their existence is brightened up only by the tales of the pope: at the request of his daughter, he tells stories about the Lunar Old Man in the evenings, which can give an answer to any question. Encouraged by the stories, Minli sets off in search of the Lunar Elder in order to change the fate of his parents. Her mind, courage and kindness will help her make friends with the dragon, outwit the monkeys, catch up with the ruler of the City of Bright Moonlight and, finally, get to the goal. The girl will achieve her goal - however, not in the way she originally planned.

Tip: It should be noted that “Where the mountain speaks to the moon” is almost a chest of fairy tales: other stories are interwoven into the main one related to the adventures of Minli.

Sassa Buregren, Elin Lindell. "What are we celebrating March 8"

"White Crow", 2017

Age: 12+

It is difficult to imagine a review without this book: Swedish authors explain what the word “feminism” means and what exactly they celebrate on March 8, and talk about how women fought for their rights. For the Russian reader in the book, not everything will be unambiguous: the difference is in the mentality and cultural code, but general information about the need for equal rights between men and women will be useful.

Tip: On the flyleaf of the book there is a test for readers - you can pass it before moving on to reading.

Marie-Od Murray. "Miss Charity"

"Scooter", 2017

Age: 12+

The hedgehog Jack, rat Julius, Toad Darling Number Two, chickens Tsypa and Drypa, mice Dentiya and Fiziya and one-legged jay Kluvokhlop live in the room of ten-year-old Miss Cheriti. However, this is not a permanent composition of her friends: someone dies, someone escapes, and new animals come in their place. The company for the girl is bold, considering that in the yard the end of the 19th century - a young lady should do music, singing and drawing, and not mess around with pets. And no science - why is it a woman? But Cheriti gently and as if effortlessly pushes the boundaries: publishes a book under her own name (which is rare for a woman of that time), does not focus on marriage and is engaged in a business that she truly loves.

Tip: Marie-Od Murray wrote this novel, inspired by the life of the English writer and artist Beatrice Potter. If you want to get acquainted with her work, then "The Story of Peter Rabbit" and several more books are on sale.

Group "Plantel". "Women and men"

Scooter, 2018

Age: 10+

One of the four books of the new series of Tomorrow’s Books, which appears in Scooter. In fact, these are capacious hand-drawn encyclopedias that were published in the late 70s in Spain, two years after the death of dictator Franco. In 2015, the series was reprinted by the Spanish publisher Media Vaca, making new illustrations. This book is devoted to how women and men are perceived in society, how parents raise boys and girls, what stereotypes people of both sexes face. The main message: men and women are the same people of different sexes, and the mind, professionalism and courage do not depend on whether you are “M” or “F”.

Tip: Pay attention to the rest of the books in the series - "Meet the dictatorship", "What is democracy" and "There is social inequality!".

Jacqueline Kelly. The Evolution of Kalpurnia Tate

"Scooter", 2015

Age: 12+

The 11-year-old Kalpurnia Tate lives in Texas at the turn of the century - the book begins in 1899. She is the only girl in the family, she has six brothers. Kelpurnia is a young naturalist: she observes nature, conducts mini-experiments and really wants to become a biologist. Relatives do not take her classes seriously: in their opinion, the young lady’s true mission is to become a good wife, knit, care for children. Only her grandfather believes in an ironic and intelligent girl, who is also passionate about science: together they go for walks every day or sit in the laboratory, where the granddaughter absorbs new knowledge like a sponge.

Tip: After the first book, you can take on the second - "The Amazing World of Kalpurnia Tate."

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