Chef Recipes: Lagman

Shamsiddin Kamalov is the brand chef of the Chaykhona No. 1 network. Born October 13, 1980 in Tashkent. He grew up in a large family (five boys and one girl), so he had to cook from childhood. From the age of 12, Shams already worked in the kitchens of restaurants in Tashkent, where his training in the profession began, along with experiments in home cooking. He prepared his first lagman at home at the age of 16.


Shamsiddin Kamalov

Later, Shamsiddin worked in Ukraine, but, seeking independence in work, ten years later he moved to Moscow to become a boss. He opened the first Chaykhona No. 1 restaurant in the Moscow region near Krasnogorsk, the second in Chekhov, then in the south-west of Moscow and so on. Now the chain has grown to 11 restaurants in which Shams works as a brand chef.

Help from the Chef

“Lagman was originally prepared in China - according to my calculations, there are 28 kinds of noodles. There is a place on the border with Kyrgyzstan - Urumqi, everything went from there. The street lagman is tastier than homemade, it is cooked in a cauldron on fire, all the food is lively. A very important dish : vegetables should remain fresh, meat is soft, al-dente dough. The dough is made by hand, long sausages are made from it. One cook fries vegetables and meat, the other winds the dough and cooks it. But everywhere lagman is cooked in different ways, like pilaf. Lagman - something in between the first dish and the second, you can add more ’more of the broth or, conversely, make it thicker - at the discretion of the cook. But the main thing is that the vegetables remain fresh during the cooking process. And about the secrets of quality noodles, the prepared dough should always be closed so that it does not dry."



2 hours














Vaju (meat with vegetables)


Cooking time 20 minutes

Chinese salad


30 g

Green beans


50 g



300 g



1 piece

Celery stalks


2 sticks

Sweet pepper


1 piece



8-9 cloves

Soy sauce "Amoy"


5 g

Tomato paste


20 g

Vegetable oil


80 ml



1 teaspoon

Star anise


2 g



1 piece

Star anise


a couple of drops




Time for preparing
2 hours

Lamb bones


quantity does not matter



1 liter


(if you decide to cook yourself)


Time for preparing
3 hours



200 g



80 g



tea spoon



Bouillon. Add lamb bones to boiling water. Cook 1.5−2 hours on medium heat with the lid ajar.


Strip the lamb from the veins and rinse. Dice approximately 1.5 centimeters.


Peel sweet peppers, cut into rhombuses a few centimeters long. Cut the young beans in half, cut the tomatoes and onions into cubes, cut the stalk of celery and the stalks of Chinese salad with rhombuses.


Pour vegetable oil into a red-hot cauldron, heat it and lay out the meat, stir constantly. The meat should be fried until golden brown. Then put the tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, lettuce and celery stalks in turn. Add garlic, salt, spices, star anise and Amoy sauce. Stew everything to a medium degree of preparedness, but at the same time the meat should be ready.


Before serving, boil the noodles in boiling water and rinse. Put in a deep plate, add ready-made vegetables and meat and pour hot meat broth. Serve with adjika.

Noodle recipe


Knead the dough thoroughly, gradually adding flour, then cover it with a film and leave it in the refrigerator for 1.5−2 hours. Roll out the dough into a cake, grease with vegetable oil. Divide into 4−5 parts, each of which is rolled into thin sausages. Put the dough on a large dish, twisting in the form of a spiral, grease again with vegetable oil, cover with a film and leave for 20 minutes. Take each piece of dough at both ends and stretch. Repeat several times to make the noodles thin. Wrap the noodles around your hands and hit the table. Dip the noodles in boiling water. After it floats to the surface, cook for a couple of minutes until al dente.

Note: you can simplify the process - roll out the dough into a thin cake (about 2 millimeters), roll it into a roll and cut into many thin pieces.

Text: Olga Kiseleva
Photo: Mark Boyarsky
Illustrations: Sasha Pokhvalin

Watch the video: Как Приготовить Уйгурский Лагман. How To Make Uygur Lagman. Easy and Step by Step Recipe 2018 (November 2019).

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