Wok cafe Mr. Chan

Fast food with Asian cuisine on Pestel Street was opened by Ruslan Gafurov, Maxim Komarov and Andrei Tsytsenko, who are developing a network of wok cafes in St. Petersburg. Like their first establishment on Aptekarsky Prospekt, the new Mr. Chan combines a delivery service and a small cafe where you can quickly eat wok in cardboard boxes. Over the coming year, the founders are going to open at least 5 new fast foods - they will appear on Vasilyevsky Island and in the Primorsky District.

The basis of the menu is rice and noodles. The cost of the dish depends on which sauces and toppings to add to them. There are also ready-made items, for example, an Asian burger, salads, spring rolls. The menu, which so far includes about 20 dishes, was invented by chef Andrei Polyashov, who used to work in the restaurant of the Radisson Hotel. There are no radically sharp or specific positions, the whole kitchen is adapted to the mass taste. Drinks are only the simplest so far - tea, coffee, juices, lemonade, but the owners are already looking for Asian suppliers who could bring national products. From alcohol to Mr. Chan serves only beer.

The minimalistic interior of the wok cafe on Pestel is going to be used in all future establishments of the Mr. Network Chan. They wanted to make the situation simple, but memorable, and in a small room it was necessary to organize about 30 seats. To do this, they invited the young designer Victoria Ivanova, who came up with sketches of furniture, the color of the walls, decor and layout.


Co-owner of the cafe
“A wok fashion is gaining momentum and, I hope, it will exist forever, like a sandwich or pizza fashion. Overseas, wok has long been a quite everyday meal. And you won't see anyone else as an ordinary sandwich. Therefore, we will be very active in this format : cafe plus delivery of woks. True, while delivery is carried out only within a radius of 2-2.5 km from the cafe. Now our main customers are young people of 20-30 years old, as well as office workers who constantly order lunch with us. There are several firms that for a month zak binding on all employees of food every day. "

Asian burger - 110 rubles, black tea - 30 rublesAsian burger - 110 rublesEgg noodles with chicken, egg and coconut curry sauce - 200 rublesChicken fillet with peanuts - 160 rublesSpring rolls with a banana - 140 rubles

Excerpts from the menu:

  • Glass noodle salad - 160 rubles
  • Vegetable salad - 110 rubles
  • Rice noodles with shrimp - 200 rubles
  • Sichuan beef - 200 rubles
  • Vegetable saute - 170 rubles
  • Spring rolls with mango - 140 rubles
  • Squid rings - 100 rubles
  • Spring rolls with vegetables - 140 rubles
  • Asian skewers with french fries - 150 rubles
  • Fishkeys - 150 rubles
  • Tempura chicken with french fries - 170 rubles
  • Tea - 30 rubles
  • Brewed coffee - 40 rubles
  • Tuborg beer - 80 rubles for 0.3 liters
  • Juice - 40 rubles for 0.2 liters
  • Water - 40 rubles
  • Basis (wheat, egg, buckwheat, rice noodles, rice) - 130 rubles
  • Additive: chicken - 30 rubles
  • Additive: shrimp - 70 rubles
  • Additive: shiitake mushrooms - 50 rubles
  • Additive: pineapple - 20 rubles
  • Coconut Sauce - 20 rubles

Wok Cafe Mr.ChanSt. Pestel, 27Mon - Sun: from 10:00 to 22:00Tel .:
Photo: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: Wok Cafe Downtown Redecoration March-April, 2013 (November 2019).

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