New place: Cafe-bar "Potato with mushrooms"

Denis Kutyurin, the owner of the Kryshabar summer project at Lenpolygraphmash, opened a small cafe on Gorokhovaya Street. The name "Potato with Mushrooms" clearly indicates what to expect from local cuisine.

The main dish in the street food section is a capsalone popular in Holland - potatoes with mushrooms and vegetables, seasoned with sauce and somewhat reminiscent of shawarma on a plate. The dish can also be ordered with you, it is packed in a heat-protective container. Shawarma is also on the menu, and in three varieties - one of them with potato pancakes.

Chicken cutlets and mitballs popular in Moscow establishments - meatballs in sauce with herbs, are also offered on the hot side. Soon, the menu will include soups (of course, with potatoes), new side dishes, appetizers and several other types of capsalon and shawarma. The breakfast menu is valid throughout the day, so potatoes can be discarded in favor of oatmeal or cheesecakes.

With a bar card, Kutyurin was helped by Vladislav Kudryavtsev from Bar 812: thanks to him, a line of home tinctures appeared in the cafe, among which there is mushroom with dill, on dates and raisins, on dried apricots with basil. Wine is poured into glasses, but a whole bottle will cost inexpensively - from 400 rubles.

The space design was developed by the architectural bureau of Rhizome Group. The interior included furniture of different styles, from Soviet armchairs to concrete stools. The main emphasis is the wall pattern inscribed in a circle, traditional for South American folk art - the homeland of potatoes.

Denis Kutyurin


The concept was originally brought closer to a mono-kitchen based on potato dishes. It's simple: in the city there is practically no offer for it - there is a standard french, rustic, somewhere you can grab the mashed potatoes and the seasonal offer in the form of potatoes fried with chanterelles. Although the product is quite interesting, and it can be disclosed in various ways. We set about this task, including a large number of street food. We like this format more than standard business lunches - instead of them we have a lunch discount, the size of which depends on the number of dishes.

We decided to supplement the capsalon and shawarma, which is convenient to take with us, with a democratic wine list. You can take a bottle of wine, which is not much more expensive than in a store, with you, grab a baguette for it (soon we will have one too) and go drink wine on the promenade or roof.

Capsalon with chicken and mushroom julienne - 320 rublesHomemade cheesecakes with blueberry jam - 160 rublesMeatbolls - 279 rubles Shawarma with potato pancake - 240 rublesTinctures (dried apricots with basil, lingonberries with thyme, mushroom with dill) - 150 rubles per glassAmericano with milk - 99 rubles (with him - 79 rubles), roll with cinnamon and a snail with poppy seeds - 30 rubles each

Excerpts from the menu

279 rubles

Wine "Cuvée Granier" (dry white)
400 rubles per bottle

Capsalon classic
290 rubles

Horseradish with honey
150 rubles

Shawarma with chicken and
potato pancake
249 rubles

Wine "Rose d'Anjou AOS" Roselle ""
(pink semi-dry)
800 rubles

Warm salad with potatoes, mushrooms and bacon.
160 rubles

Tincture on dried apricots and basil
150 rubles

Oatmeal porridge with banana
90 rubles

Apple cider
200 rubles

160 rubles

79 rubles

119 rubles


Cafe "Potatoes with mushrooms"

Gorokhovaya St., 12

Mon-Thu .: 09: 00-00: 00, Fri: 09: 00-02: 00

Sat: 11: 00-02: 00, Sun .: 11: 00-00: 00

Tel .: +7 (812) 994-09-83

Watch the video: Cafe Music!!Jazz & Bossa Nova instrumental Music!!お部屋に明るい音楽を (November 2019).

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