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In a big city there is always a place for authentic establishments, where, on the one hand, it is "strange", but tasty and cheap. Few people know about them, but the staff smiles and recognizes visitors by sight. These establishments are not in the tourist routes and they will not be written about them under the heading "New Place", but knowing about them, you can consider yourself local. Find them helps word of mouth or friends. Life around continues the heading "All of its own", where the townspeople show the editors such places. In the new issue - an unnamed bar on Sennaya Square, which is visited by the co-owner of Room Store Vanya Adushkin.

Untitled Bar

Sennaya sq., 4

Operation mode:



Vanya Adushkin

Co-owner of Room Store



Hunting sausages, Stolichniy salad

“Oh, I was with my grandfather. He’s a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, drank vodka here from a jug,” the photographer around blurted out, accidentally finding himself in this small nameless bar in the center of Sennaya Square for the second time in his life. Finding it is easy, but, unknowingly, it is easy to confuse it with a cigarette stall. You need to navigate by the blue sign high above your head and the sign "JEAN BEER". Between themselves, Vanya and his friends call this place "Blue Tablecloth": one of the institution's signature features is a tablecloth with a thousand patches of different sizes. The menu on leaflets is hung on the walls and glued to the bar, and the cocktail list is the size of two sheets of Whatman paper. Guests are advised to pay attention to the constant action: when buying 0.5 liter of vodka, an appetizer and juice as a gift.

Food and drink

I live nearby and come here several times a week. I don’t always drink, of course. The bar is open from 10 am and has an extensive menu, which, in addition to snacks, has hot dishes, soups and salads. So here it is quite possible to go in for breakfast or lunch. I recommend the Stolichny salad and hunting sausages. It is impossible to mix the salad without sprinkling everything out, because the cup is full to the brim, plus mayonnaise on top. Hearty food for 60 rubles. For lunch, I usually take soup, hodgepodge or borsch, one serving - 600 ml. Sausages, pozharskaya cutlet, barbecue, kebab, dumplings fries ... French fries, which costs 25 rubles. Everything you need is here. Inexpensive and quite tasty. The kitchen stops working a few hours before closing, at about 8 o’clock in the evening. But snacks and all kinds of sandwiches can be taken later.

But still, this place is more for drinking. You need to drink vodka here: it is on the menu of varieties 15, it is the most popular drink. A glass costs about 50-70 rubles. There are no frills like a jägermeister here. There are absinthe, sambuca and tequila.

At all, the interior is very attractive here, from it there is a feeling of something unreal. There used to be a red backlight, but apparently removed. And the rest is a place where nothing changes, it catches its atmosphere, a classic orthodox drinking establishment. There are not so many left.


The staff is very friendly and considerate. If you have enough, they will always honestly say that you have enough. Here almost always the same girl works: she takes orders at the counter and sometimes as a waiter in the hall. Very polite, nice, courteous. Sometimes a good-natured man works instead. This is such a bastion of Russian culture in the heart of Sennaya Square. All are hospitable and attentive.

Beer "Velkopopovitsky goat" - 110 rubles for 0.5 l; Coffee with rum - 45 rubles; Hunting sausages - 80 rubles; Stolichniy salad - 65 rubles


I love local visitors. I usually listen to their conversations with each other. Such dialogues are here! A huge man with calloused hands sits and pushes about Schopenhauer. At the same time, they are all adequate and able to drink. There are characters who come early in the morning, right to the opening. Among them, for example, is a woman who always orders 200 ml of champagne. But mostly men gather for 45, who take 250 g of vodka, juice and either sit in silence alone, or have conversations with the company.

Excerpts from the menu

Salad "Capital"
65 rubles


Snack "Russian"
75 rubles

Fried sausages
65 rubles


Hunting sausages
80 rubles

Broth with croutons
100 rubles


Sandwich with fat

35 rubles

Beer "Velkopopovitsky goat"
110 rubles for 0.5 l


Vodka "Cranes"
65 rubles for 50 g

150 rubles


35 rubles

45 rubles


Wings with sauce
65 rubles

Homemade cutlet
105 rubles


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